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        知名散酒生產廠家 名人代言 質量保障





        1. It must be a pure grain raw liquor produced by traditional techniques. Bottled Baijiu sold in the market is mostly liquor with added slurry, which means adding water. When distilling Baijiu in a factory, the degree of alcohol reception is generally between 55 and 65 degrees. The newly produced wine is the raw wine, which must be stored for more than 6 months. The wine that has expired storage must be inspected and evaluated before leaving the factory. After it is qualified, it should be blended according to the technical requirements. In addition to blending with Baijiu of different quality and different degrees, it is more important to reduce the degree of alcohol with water to make it reach the degree of commercial wine. However, these Baijiu with water have destroyed the stability of liquor molecules, especially when they are packed in glass bottles. Baijiu can no longer breathe through the glass bottles, so it is difficult for such Baijiu to improve its quality through storage. If it is low-quality liquor, it will deteriorate over time.
        2. If you want to improve the quality by collecting Baijiu, the best wine container is purple sand, followed by pottery and porcelain. The density of purple sand is between pottery and porcelain, which is most conducive to the breathing of Baijiu. If it is only for collection, glass bottles can also be used. It can not only maintain the original quality, but also not allow the alcohol in the bottle to volatilize.
        3. In addition to basements and rural underground cellars, the storage environment can also be selected according to the local conditions, such as warehouses or open spaces that do not need to be frequently moved. If conditions permit, we can put a large number of Baijiu (pottery jars) together. Through practice, we think that the quality of liquor stored together will improve faster than that stored separately.
        How to preserve Baijiu
        1. First, check your wine storage and tighten the bottle cap again to prevent any loose bottle cap from causing the wine to run away.
        2、用保鮮膜將瓶口仔細包好,用透明膠帶纏緊,再把食用蠟放進金屬容器里加溫,待蠟融化成液體后,把酒瓶倒過來,將瓶 蓋直接在容器里浸一下進行蠟封。封蠟當然是避光保存,溫度濕度適宜就可以了,時間沒有限制。
        2. Carefully wrap the bottle mouth with cling film, wrap it tightly with transparent tape, and then put the edible wax into a metal container for heating. After the wax melts into a liquid, turn the bottle upside down and soak the bottle cap directly in the container for wax sealing. Sealing wax is of course stored away from light, with suitable temperature and humidity, and no time limit.
        3、白酒存放的容器必須是陶瓷或玻璃的,存放的地點 是地下或床下等陰涼處。
        3. The containers for storing Baijiu must be ceramic or glass, and the storage place should be underground or under the bed and other shady places.
        4、存放的溫度 在10℃~15℃之間,并注意不要倒置或平放。
        4. Store at a temperature between 10 ℃ and 15 ℃, and be careful not to invert or lay flat.


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