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        Most of the reasons for the appearance of distiller's grains taste in bulk Baijiu are in the brewing process, especially friends who like to brew distiller's grains. In order to distinguish their own grain liquor and alcohol blending liquor, they will add a certain flavor to Baijiu to win consumers' favor. In many cases, we will ferment distiller's grains and grains together, so that some microorganisms can ferment better.
        The ratio of distiller's grains to grain is very particular. If the ratio of grain to distiller's grains is not appropriate and too much distiller's grains are added, the brewed wine will have a strong alcoholic taste, seriously affecting its aroma. In addition, the reason that may cause the taste of distiller's grains may be that the distiller's grains themselves have deteriorated, which will also affect the taste of loose Baijiu.
        Wine has a taste of lees, and a slightly lighter taste can increase the aroma of lees. Each place has different levels of sensitivity to lees. Some people drink the same wine and think it's pure grain wine, but some people cannot accept it. This is also normal.
        Methods for dispelling the taste of loose Baijiu:
        On the original basis, it can be reduced. It can be poured into the Baijiu brewing equipment, which can make the liquor more mellow and make the bad taste slightly lighter, but it can not be completely removed. The taste of the bad taste should be strangled in the cradle from the source. To reduce the aroma of distiller's grains, the following measures must be taken.
        Some free Baijiu will have a bitter taste, which is difficult to accept. This is mainly caused by raw materials, such as solanine in sprouted potatoes, tannins and their derivatives in sorghum and acorn, and sweet potato ketone in black spot. The use of moldy raw materials produces a bitter and oily taste. Excessive pentose can produce burnt and bitter furfural. When protein is excessive, a large amount of alcohol (fusel oil) is produced, among which butanol, pentanol, and others have a bitter taste. Excessive use of koji results in the fermentation of a large amount of tyrosine to produce tyrosol, characterized by sweetness and peculiar bitterness.
        Generally, the brewing process of bulk Baijiu manufacturers is open. If you are not careful, it is easy to produce some miscellaneous bacteria. If the number is too large, abnormal fermentation will occur, and the liquor will be bitter.


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