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    1、 Cheap price
    Bulk Baijiu is cheaper than bottled liquor, and the cost of bottled liquor in packaging is relatively high. These costs are reflected in the price, and the price is relatively expensive, which may not be affordable. The characteristic of making a living with loose liquor is its low price and lack of fancy packaging. Therefore, some areas with low customer standards and old wine enthusiasts who prefer drinking will choose loose liquor, which has certain potential for development in rural markets. Other high-end wines have high prices, and most people cannot afford them, so they turn their attention to bulk alcohol.
    2、 Loose wine makes one more aware
    Due to the influence of values, the value of Baijiu is out of touch with the value of elite culture, forming a situation of disintegration. At present, Baijiu gives people the guidance of decadent and backward values and brand short value concepts. The loss of professional values cannot be sustained by sales and careers supported by outdated values. It's better to buy bulk liquor, so many people now use Baijiu as a facade to decorate themselves, which is affected by market development and cannot last forever.
    3、 Habit issues
    In rural areas, most people buy bulk alcohol to drink, while bottled alcohol is mostly used to entertain guests. Rural people think that using bottled wine to entertain guests is more upscale than using loose wine. Other things, for the older generation of alcoholics, they drink with the same taste, and the purer the taste, the more comfortable it is to drink. After all, most people care about the taste value when drinking, while loose alcohol can be directly tasted. After selecting it, if the taste is right, they can directly buy it, so there is no such mentality of buying at a loss.
    4、 Bulk liquor has more uses
    Generally, loose liquor is used to make medicinal liquor due to its high alcohol content and low price, and various therapeutic effects are achieved by brewing various traditional Chinese medicines. And its medicinal value is very high, and a small amount of alcohol consumption can also cure diseases. If high-end liquor is used to make medicinal liquor, it will appear more wasteful. Moreover, high-end liquor has its own taste. If made into medicinal liquor, it will weaken its own taste and its value will not be as high. Therefore, the use of loose liquor is also a reason for promoting the development of loose liquor.
    In summary, drinking alcohol is a state of mind and quality. No matter what kind of wine you choose, the reason is that it is very important to drink the taste. Regarding these old drinkers, they may have become accustomed to this taste when choosing loose wine, but they are not accustomed to drinking some high-quality wine nowadays. Therefore, the editor shared with us an introduction on why old drinkers love to drink loose wine, hoping to help us understand, As a reference.


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