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        知名散酒生產廠家 名人代言 質量保障





        Check bottle caps: Most good wines use aluminum metal anti-counterfeiting caps, which are characterized by lubricated caps, consistent shapes, easy opening, clear images and text, and tight alignment. If the wine is poured out and the lid is not easy to open, if you find an unclear type of wine, don't think too much, it is likely to be inferior wine.
        Smell and Taste Identification: Pour the wine into a glass, use your nose to approach the mouth of the glass, smell its aroma, distinguish the unevenness and characteristics of the aroma, and then taste its taste. Drink a small amount of wine and spread it on your tongue. Good wine generally has a fresh and soft taste, and is comfortable to moisten the throat. Inferior wine is generally made from inferior or moldy food, with rough craftsmanship and difficulty swallowing.
        Check the bottle type: many famous brands of Baijiu have unique bottle types, and the bottle body is lubricated and free of impurities; Fake wine bottles have different thickness of concave and convex shapes, outdated outer packaging, lack of freshness, loose sealing, or irregular pressure teeth.
        Check the packaging: When buying Baijiu, be sure to carefully check the brand name. The printing of the good wine label is very exquisite, with exquisite and fair paper, standard and clear fonts, bright and even colors, and accurate color matching on the screen. In addition, in addition to exquisite printing, the edges of the packaging of good wine are neatly and tightly seamed, without uneven gaps in elasticity; Some bottles are wrapped in plastic film, and the packaging is very tight without any softness. Without a trademark, the shelf life cannot be found, and there is even no production date. Poorly packaged wines are generally inferior.
        Wine turbidity: From the appearance, good wine should be clear and bright, without sediment, and the clearer the better. Then hold the bottle in your hand and gradually invert it to see if there is any sediment at the bottom of the bottle. If the hops are evenly distributed, the density gap is obvious, the hops disappear slowly, and the wine is clear and bright, then it is a high-quality wine. If the wine is turbid, with floating debris, high density of hops, uneven distribution, and rapid disappearance, it may be inferior wine., It can provide guarantee for the quality and performance of color steel plates and promote their widespread application in various fields
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